basically what we're working on and upcoming projects

The 'here and there' of TriFik

basically what we're working on and upcoming projects


It’s been a while since we blogged to you guys, but here it is.  

What’s going on in the studios of TriFik Productions?  

There are four stages in filmmaking - development, pre-production, production and post-production.  Currently we have at least four major projects in pre-production.  In other words, we are storyboarding, location scouting, script-writing and casting to name a few.  It is still too early to reveal anything yet, since the order of the projects are still to be finalized, but you can be sure, once we are in the production stages, you will be the first to know.

There are also some unfinished projects that are on the front burners, to be released at an unspecified date.  Of course, one of the most anticipated is Left 4 Dead - Episode One.  There has been a few tweaks to this project, so we delayed its release just a bit longer.

In the meanwhile, keep logging in to #TriFikTuesdays, as we continue to venture into new areas of multimedia.  We also have some ‘surprise’ projects in our back pockets that will be released at just the right time.

Stay tuned and again thanks for the support!  

Sooooo…WHAT’S NEXT?!

What's next

This blog will give you a preview of what’s coming up, but nothing in depth, since we are in the early planning stages of a few projects, set to be released for Spring 2012.  

Well Project H2L is done with!  It has been a great experience.  We learned a lot, and because of that, expect even better content in the future.  Initially, this was going to be something small, and it was extended into something even bigger and better than we expected.  A lot of people helped us behind the scenes to make this a huge success for us, and a big thank you to everyone that helped to make it happen.

Next in line - as we teased in Project H2L - would be The Recall short film trailer, which will be released sometime in March.  We are just finalizing some technicalities within it.  We are very very excited about this film.  A lot of work was put into it and we can’t thank everyone involved enough.

We would also be resurrecting a scene from the Left 4 Dead zombie trailer.  It will be short, but we’re working on making it as creative as possible.  So look out for that too, which will also be released later this month.

There may be another surprise video in the midst of March, but we can’t release any more information until we do some more work on it.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone for all the support as we seek to make more entertaining videos. It is greatly appreciated and it inspires us to work harder than before.  Stay tuned into TriFik Productions and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

2012 in TriFik Productions

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our first blog of 2012!  Way overdue, but it’ll be well worth the wait.  January was a very tough month, due to the fact that both editing systems went down almost at the same time.  So for about a week or two, all projects had to be halted.  Not a good start to 2012, but everything is back up and running.

First off, the RECALL short film - directed and produced by Ace - will have its trailer released very soon.  We’re shooting for a release this month, but no definite date yet.  Check out the website at for more info about the actors, synopsis, photos and more!  We are very excited about this film and can’t wait to show it off to the world!

Next up is Project H2L - directed and produced by Kearn - which is a short music video.  For the past month, it has been going through many different ‘remixes,’ but it is for the better.  In addition, there will be a behind the scenes montage released for this project.  Both videos will be released this month.  Below is a shot we took of Project H2L, and also one of the new systems that was attained in the past month.  

After this past month’s ordeal with our PCs, we’ve decided to upgrade our systems and get Apple Mac Book Pros.  Not only did we upgrade the hardware, but also the software, as we currently are working with the latest Final Cut Pro software and Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5.  This move will give us the ability to be much more creative and diverse in our work, while giving us the mobility to work anywhere.

There are other projects we are working on concurrently, but we will release more information as the time nears.  Expect weekly content throughout the month of February.  So stay tuned, and remember you can come to TriFik Productions for ALL your multi-media needs!

- Kearn

A little recap

Well it’s been a while since I’ve touched tumblr, but I’ve been battling with Premiere Pro and After Effects religiously in the editing booth.  Ace has also been fighting that battle in Pittsburgh also.  He will soon release a well awaited music video he produced, directed and edited.  Can be as early as tomorrow.  He’s currently fine tuning it behind the scenes.  I’ve seen the beta video, and it looks AMAZING!  Ace is also working on his second short film, and if you are interested, you can get more info at .  Casting call is this Saturday, so BE THERE!

I’m also currently working on the power promo.  A video that was shot a while back, but faded to the back of shelves because of the production of the zombie short film.  The first that will be released will be the behind the scenes, which is shaping out very well.  I’m trying out some different effects in After Effects, and it also my first time doing a full project using a blue screen.  

Last but not least, while you guys wait, I will be reposting old videos of this past year as I lead up to the release of the “Power Promo - Behind the Scenes” montage.  Currently we’re on Day 3, so check our facebook page.  Also follow our progress at , which I’ll be updating more frequently.

S14 and other stuff…

Haven’t blogged in a while, but here goes.  As you know by now, Sunday 14th is the date of the final big shoot for the Left 4 Dead zombie short film trailer #2 (dubbed S14 from Sunday 14th).  The date, time and place is as follows:

Sunday 14th August, 2011

From 7pm to 11pm

4001 Terminal Avenue,

Richmond, VA 23224

Bring a friend or two!  Everyone will be extras besides three or four other people.  Wear any clothing that you won’t mind being soiled from the fake blood and makeup that will be applied to your face.  I promise you guys will have a great time, and also there will be small refreshments available.

We just completed editing another music video, that will be released soon for a hip hop artist in Pittsburgh.  Another short film is currently in pre-production phase and will be shot in Pittsburgh.  So if you’re in the Pittsburgh area and interested, we have casting calls coming soon to the 412! 

Lots of big news coming in the next few weeks.  Editing of course takes a LOT of time, hence the absence in our vids, but when we start releasing them, we are sure you’ll enjoy them.  We’re definitely working hard to get them out, but we prefer to perfect and ‘re-perfect’ them, than rushing them out.  So bear with us. There’s also a good chance I might release another of my hidden talents in the coming weeks, but we’ll see how that works out. 

- Kearn.

s/n the pic above is a poster I found on google that defined multi-tasking

After soo long….here’s a little

Sorry for the wait.  I have been promising a blog for a while now, but I finally got some time to put my thoughts together for you guys, so HERE WE GO!

First up, the LEFT 4 DEAD Trailer!

Shooting for this trailer has been umpteen times harder than the first trailer, especially due to the many locations involved.  Finalizing locations and getting people together has been tough, but I’ve made it work.  When you get in the business, you really REALLY understand the immense amount of work that goes into movie making.  It’s a lot of fun, when shooting, but getting so much together can be tough, while also balancing work and other areas of life. 

The first shoot went great, and a little sneak info, there MAY be (once time permits) mini episode(s) of the shoots coming up to the final short film. 

The second shoot was a lot tougher since I had to reschedule due to the rain, which ended up being a LOT lighter than the thunderstorm predicted.  Had a lot less people show up the following day, but I worked with what I had, and you’ll guys see more when the behind the scenes vids come out.  I didn’t have a make-up artist, so I did it myself and UBER impressed.  And what resulted from this shoot was some very VERY good stuff, as seen in the pic above.

This upcoming week there will be at least three locations shot, so I’m praying that everything will work out for the better.

Secondly, MUSIC VIDS

As you saw in the ending of June and beginning of July, we had two music videos released from two aspiring hip hop artists from Pittsburgh.  It was shot by Ace and was very well done for his first music videos.  He is currently in the editing booth finishing up a third, with requests to shoot and edit some more music videos piling up more than he could handle right now.  We’re currently working on collaborating on a future music video, but it’s all up in the air right now.

There was also a little dedication I did for Michael Jackson.  Just a little something I did on the fly, and hopefully next year, I can do something better.  Only time will tell.

There was also a little July 4th montage dubbed Skrowerif which is simply Fireworks spelled backwards since the vid was in reverse.

Well there’s a lot of stuff being put together in the editing booth, but we’ll reveal more information about them as they are about to be released.  There’s a good chance we’ll have a vid or two being released this week.  Well that’s a lot for just one blog.  So much more I’d like to say, but I’ll keep the lips sealed (for now).  Stay tuned.  Lots of goodies on the way!  Motto for this year, little by little does it!


June…oh what a month!

This has to be one of the toughest months yet.  It was definitely a make or break month, and it’s not done yet.  Started off with a BANG with the Left 4 Dead Trailer on June 1st, then followed up with a pretty good first episode of our Lost Vault episodes, BUT it slowed down as the month progressed.

Now I’ve had three videos in the editing booth for the past two/three weeks doing as much as I can on them, but with changes in schedules at work and my grandma getting sick, it put every one of them on the back burner.  But it’s all just a little phase that I’m getting through.

Now here’s what got me excited!  Each page statistic - daily, weekly and monthly visits - at least DOUBLED their count, with daily visits going more than quadruple its count.  Hard work definitely pays off! 

And to top it off, pre-production on the Left 4 Dead Trailer#2 is well underway.  I’ll be meeting some very important people tomorrow (can’t reveal who yet, because it’s going to give one of our PREMIER locations away) but as I expressed earlier, I will be doing a lot more research and planning for this second one.  I expect the second trailer to be released sometime in August.

And as you guys now by now, I did a little “last minute” dance montage this past weekend and it was done because I promised myself last year that I would do a dance tribute to him.  I wanted to do something a bit more elaborate, practiced and planned, but I’ll try my best to do it next year.  It’s just how things work out, and as you know, things happen for a reason.

Well that’s my little blog for now.  Currently in the editing booth working on "Trekking with TriFik" which will show prospective locations for the trailer and an interview we had with a young, but well known Richmond artist.  So much more to say, but I’ll leave it for a next day.  Stay tuned!

- Kearn

Rough times…..but gonna come through!

Ever have that feeling where you’re just floating and trying to hold on, well that’s how I feel now.  Long long and even extra long week!  A little personal info, but I’m asking for your prayers TriFik family.  Grandma is really sick, on her way to getting better, but sometimes you never know.  Just simply asking for your prayers.

On another note, I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, not that I left, but was sidetracked for a bit.  Well that’s what make us stronger.  Trailer #2 is well into pre-production.  Will be using a classic, and when I mean classic, I mean C.L.A.S.S.I.C. rock song.  Was talking to Joel from Ventilation Studios and he forewarned me about not messing up the song, I could get some people angry.  I’ll take the risk!

Will be using several historical locations in Richmond to shoot this trailer, in order to bring out a lot of Richmond in this one, and also a little more ‘original’ and fresh content.  Really excited for this one.  Will be trying to shoot as soon as next week, so hit me up on facebook if you’d like to be part of it. 

Three projects are still up in the air, and I will be editing in OT to get it out at least one for this week - gunning for two - and crossing my fingers it’ll work out.  Well little by little is the motto. 

- Kearn.